About GAT Airline Ground Support

Providing quality airline ground support services for more than 40 years! With a focus on delivering unsurpassed airline and passenger experience, GAT Airline Ground Support’s capable team of more than 4,000 team members servicing 68 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada through the GAT family of companies: GAT, Strategic Aviation, and Sky Café.

GAT Airline Ground Support earns our customers’ preference by choosing team members with a high degree of personal character. With a team of airport operations professionals committed to achieving outstanding performance, it’s just as important to us HOW we get the job done. If you value character, we are the team for you, whether as your business partner or your employer!

During several years of explosive growth, we have secured the talent, tools, and financial resources needed to fuel the future and meet the needs of our airline business partners.

GAT Airline Ground Support Advantages

From landing to lift-off, GAT Airline Ground Support specializes in high touch, high technology ground handling, aircraft catering, cargo handling and warehousing, and other transportation-related services. Our strong tradition of a relentless focus on safety and a team atmosphere is supported by technology and performance-based execution.

Our services and Solutions include:

  • Ground Handling
  • Passenger Experience
  • Cargo Handling
  • Sky Café
  • Ramp Vision
  • Cargo Vision

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