GCT Global Container Terminals

GCT Global Container Terminals

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GCT Global Container Terminals

About GCT Global Container Terminals

Vancouver, British Columbia-based GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. has been making waves in the container terminal industry for over a hundred years. 

Their subsidiary, GCT Canada (formerly TSI Terminal Systems Inc.), has been operating on the West Coast since 1907 and is responsible for running both GCT Vanterm and GCT Deltaport. 

Beyond operating these facilities, GCT Canada has also played a major role in developing Canada’s Pacific Gateway.

Their two East Coast facilities, GCT Bayonne (formerly Global Terminal) and GCT New York (formerly New York Container Terminal) were established in 1972 and 1995, respectively.

Their  high standards, customer focus, and leadership in safety, innovation, and automation have led them  to stable, long-term relationships with the majority of the world’s largest carriers.

GCT Global Container Terminals

Committed to a sustainable future.
Working together for something greater.
Reducing truck idling and dwell times.
GCT Vanterm | Vancouver, British Columbia
Energy efficient innovation.
Preserving coastal habitats.
Safety is our first priority.
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