Global Cargo

Global Cargo

About Global Cargo

Global Cargo has been working in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry since 1996. We provide consulting and develop solutions for every type of shipment, from simple to complex.

For over 20 years, Global Cargo has found customized solutions for every air, sea, land, and rail shipment in order to minimize cost and optimize transit time. We offer complete logistics services, including consolidation, warehousing, distribution, customs services, insurance, inbound control, and more.

Global Cargo is a company headquartered in Miami, FL, and has 4 other stations positioned throughout the Unites States: New York, Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. We are composed of a multicultural and multilingual team that is experienced, highly trained, and qualified to provide all the logistical assistance our customers need.

By having the experience and all the certifications required, Global Cargo is able to supply logistics for various different types of industries, such as technological, industrial, mining, energy, food, construction, and automotive. We develop solutions for perishable cargo, grains, hazardous cargoes, chemicals, and more.

Global Cargo Advantages

Our network of partners around the world enables us to offer excellence and a variety of services not only within the United States but anywhere in the world. Our team offers a complete line of door-to-door solutions customized according to the needs of each company.

  • Air Shipments
  • Ocean Shipments
  • Ground Transportation
  • Warehouse Services
  • Custom Services
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Distribution
  • Consolidation

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