Globalcare Logistics

Globalcare Logistics

About Globalcare Logistics

Globalcare Logistics have delivered exceptional logistic solutions to numerous happy customers. Our various logistics services have provided a platform for which our customers have built and grew their business upon.

We do not try to be all things to all people but we make it our business to be experts in what we do. We also make it a point to learn about and understand our customers’ company plans and objectives in order to deliver the proper supply chain solutions to meet their logistics needs.

We focus on our business so that you can focus on growing yours. While the services we provide may not be unique, it is the way our people provide our services that sets us apart from others.

Globalcare Logistics advantages

Express Service

Globalcare’s express service is designed for time-sensitive delivery of cargo. With our express air freight service, you have access to priority boarding, dedicated handling and fast, reliable service to meet the urgency of your shipments.

Door to Door

At Globalcare Logistics, we deliver. With our reliable network coverage worldwide, we are able to offer a true door-to-door service. Whether your shipments are DAP or DDP, you can rest assure that they will be handled properly and delivered right to the doorstep.

Dangerous Goods

We are qualified to handle Dangerous Goods. We have over two decades of experience in handling these commodities and our team is fully trained to take care of every aspect and process involved in transporting these goods.

Chartered Flights

When commercial carriers cannot fulfill the requirements of your shipments, we can arrange an air charter flight to customize the needs of your cargo to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery.

Project Cargo Handling

Globalcare Logistics has the special expertise and knowledge to help you move break bulk, heavy lift and oversized cargo efficiently. The complexity of project cargo handling requires the proper know-how and experience. Whether you need to relocate an entire factory or to move a large piece of heavy equipment, Globalcare can plan, supervise and execute the entire project.

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