Globe Air Cargo

Globe Air Cargo

About Globe Air Cargo

Founded in 1992, Globe Air Cargo aims at offering a wide-range commercial coverage in the USA. 

Globe Air cargo has developed its core business of GSA by obtaining contracts with major airlines and extending the Miami operation to an efficient domestic network covering the whole USA. 

Today Globe Air Cargo’s portfolio demonstrates their ability to achieve excellent results for airlines of all sizes in an extremely competitive market.

Globe Air Cargo Advantages

  • Experienced Sales staff : customers services & ground sellers
  • Optimize Customers mix-balance between global & local freight forwarders
  • Market analysis & forecasts
  • Regular meetings & performance reviews
  • E-freight management
  • Marketing sales: cargo sustainability, airline branding
  • High emphasis on sales Marketing,
  • Work closely with our offline offices
  • AVI & Perishables
  • Pharmaceutical & Health products
  • Air Mail
  • Aerospace logistic
  • Billing, Administration, Collection for airfreight Transport, through CASS & not Cass (Direct invoices)
  • Management of all related cost (handling, securisation, trucking…)
  • Full transparancy on billing details
  • Punctual & Accurate payments
  • Financial reportings
  • Keys: We can care for all your back office support

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