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About Guardian Logistics

Guardian Logistics Solutions is North Carolina’s reliable logistics partner for customized freight delivery, storage and inventory management. Our competent, caring leadership team and full-time employees boast a combined 60+ years in the shipping and fulfillment industry and have been in business for 15 years operating out of our headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, just a stone’s throw from RDU International Airport.

We believe that customers make choices about with whom to do business based on a personal as well as a business relationship that begins with communication. So, we have invested in personnel and systems that help us communicate with our customers. Our people are instructed to communicate with our customers during every stage of the logistics supply chain. Our systems have the capability to inform customers during every stage via telephone, our website, scanned images, emails, and traditional mail.

Guardian Logistics offers thousands of square feet of TSA-compliant warehouse space, with multiple storage and dock locations covering North Carolina and portions of Virginia and South Carolina with same day and next day service. All of our locations offer cross docking, delivery and pick up, distribution, order fulfillment, storage/warehousing and many other services.

Also, our locations are TSA compliant and all employees have been trained according to the most recent Transportation Security Administration guidelines and have all completed and passed the test and been issued their STA number.

Guardian Logistics Advantages:

Pickup & Delivery

  • Freight Pickup & Delivery in North Carolina:  We are an experienced trucking company that offers the help you need to get your goods to and from your destinations without headaches.
  • White Glove delivery services: residential & commercial
  • Experience and reliability: the key to our long-lasting relationships


  • Commercial Warehouse & Storage in Raleigh, NC: Outsourcing your warehousing and distribution allows you to switch fixed costs into variable costs — you only pay for what you use.

Order Fulfillment

  • Order Fulfillment in the Raleigh NC area: Get your goods to your customers on-time, and packaged with care, every time.
  • Special Projects: Your business, its challenges, and opportunities are unique. Our ability to give you real value, and logistics solutions that serve your business well, stems from our consultative approach.


  • Distribution and Logistics in North Carolina: A distribution center like Guardian Logistics Solutions can help you improve cash flow, customer retention and operations efficiency.
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Sub Assembly
  • Special Projects

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