About H & M International

H & M International Transportation was founded in 1968 as a trucking company, originally providing pier pick-up and delivery services in New Jersey. In the late 1990’s, the company was purchased by Charles T. Connors and Robert J. Gildersleeve. Charles “Chuck” Connors, continues to run the company today.

H & M International provides a broad range of logistics services through a comprehensive network of U.S. Intermodal operations. Services include Rail-Terminal Operations and Maintenance & Repair.

H & M is recognized and accepted as a leader in the Intermodal Industry for one reason: our people.  Our employees have set us apart for generations and they continue to do so today. For more than 40 years we have been in the forefront of our industry because we invest in our people and we commit to the processes, service, and technology that will support their efforts. Clearly, our high levels of customer satisfaction are the result of exceptional service and our people embrace that philosophy every day in every way.

H & M International Advantages:

  • Terminal Services: H & M provides a Full menu of Terminal Services to US Class-1 Railroads.
  • Maintenance and Repair Division: H & M provides total Maintenance & Repair Services, which are available at all our locations.

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