Hawaii Stevedores

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Hawaii Stevedores

We are pleased to announce that Hawaii Stevedores has joined the PayCargo Payment Network as a same day release Vendor.

You can now pay them via PayCargo and obtain a quick, same day release.

About Hawaii Stevedores


The founding organization of Hawaii Stevedores, Inc. has a historical background of continuous operations since 1922, when the enterprise was first recognized as Matson Terminals.  

In 1936 the assets were acquired by Castle & Cooke, Inc. and the name was changed to Honolulu Stevedores.  They later became known as Castle & Cooke Terminals, Ltd.  

As Castle & Cooke Terminals, Ltd., the organization remained part of Castle & Cooke for the next 48 years.  In 1984, the entity was purchased from Castle & Cooke, Inc. by a group of Castle & Cooke Terminal’s employees.  

The name of the company was then changed to Hawaii Stevedores, Inc.

Over the years, Hawaii Stevedores has worked for and with many major shipping lines nationally and internationally.  

Today’s major customers include Pasha Hawaii, NYK Line, NCL America, Hawaiian Cement, Pacific Logs & Lumber and Oceania Lines. Other customers include occasional project cargo, bulk steel, fishing supply vessels and aggregate barges calling the commercial ports of Hawaii.  


HS Advantages 

  • Domestic and foreign containers,
  • Container cargo,
  • Break bulk cargo,
  • Autos,
  • Ro-Ro,
  • Umber,
  • Heavy lifts,
  • Bulk commodities,
  • Passenger liners.  

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