About Honolulu Freight Service

Honolulu Freight Service has spent 76 years building a tradition of superior service and cost effective solutions for every customer, big or small, who trusts us with their cargo. Since 1936, HFS – a family-owned-and-operated company – has provided the highest quality of seamless transportation service between the North American continent and the Hawaiian Islands of any other forwarder in the field. HFS owns and operates our own Oahu trucking and warehousing service, ensuring the best possible intra and inter-island service available.

Honolulu Freight is a multi-modal freight forwarder. We provide ocean transport and offer pickup and delivery of dry freight from anywhere in the United States to and from the Hawaiian Islands. We provide partial and full container load services, and offer short-term warehousing. In addition, we offer refrigerated pickup and delivery from the U.S. West Coast port areas to Hawaii.

HFS is committed to providing you, our valued customers, with excellent, efficient and comprehensive transportation solutions to and from the Hawaiian Islands.

Built on personal and professional relationships with customers and the community, our family-owned and operated company concentrates on the handling, expediting and shipping of freight bound to, from and within Hawaii and beyond. At Honolulu Freight Service, we provide the kind of service and expertise necessary to be your business partner. Our trained staff of transportation professionals is committed to giving you personalized quality service that comes from being an experienced business leader.

Honolulu Freight Service advantages

Less than Container Load
Full Container Load Service
Refrigerated Service
Inter-Island Service
Oversize Cargo
Cargo Consolidation Program
Flat Rack Loading and Banding
HFS Local Trucking
Eastbound Service

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