Hoya International Corporation

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Hoya International Corporation

About Hoya International Corporation

Hoya International Corporation is a full service freight forwarder, who provides the highest standard of service and quality for their customers worldwide. We are committed to earning and ever increasing the trust and confidence our customers place in us.

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Our diligence and reliability has earned us a reputation for being a personal freight forwarder.

We are a one stop service for your cargo shipping needs. Hoya International Corp. provides door-to-door international shipping, customs clearance, consolidated shipping worldwide, heavy equipment, containers,

Ro-on/Roll-off, Lift-on/Lift-off, vehicle shipping overseas, and warehousing, logistics services. Our friendly and professional staff are ready to help for all your shipping needs.

Our experts bring many years of experience in transportation logistics. As such, we speak the language of our customers and will simplify the logistics process and quickly provide cost-effective transportation resources without sacrificing quality.

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Hoya International Corporation advantages

Cargo Insurance
Customs Brokerage

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