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About Hyundai Merchant Marine

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) is a global integrated logistics company providing the best transport services. Since launching our first service with three VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers) in 1976, HMM has substantially expanded into the world-class integrated logistics service provider by adding various types of vessels – container ships, bulk carriers, trampers, heavy lifts, and special product carriers – hence sharpening the competitive edge. As a result, HMM has gained a diverse business portfolio and structure that can yield stable revenue despite the market change in certain fields of the shipping industry.

HMM has a vast global network of 6 regional headquarters, 27 subsidiaries, 60 branch offices, 5 liaison around the world. It has the reputation as a world-class integrated logistics company due to its vast global network, the highly skilled vessel operations and accurate market forecast by most qualified professional employees with vast shipping experiences together with advanced global IT system network. Backed by these competencies, HMM is leading the global shipping markets, where cross-border competition intensifies each day.

Hyundai Merchant Marine( HMM) transports strategic national commodities such as crude oil, coal/iron ore, and various special cargoes as well as import/export goods. Even if under the global supply chain disruption, we are keening to provide the best logistics solution for our customers. In doing so, HMM plays a pivotal role in Korea’s economy.

Hyundai Merchant Marine Advantages


  • Vessel Fleet
  • Equipment: Dry Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Genset Equipment, Specialized Containers, Container Management
  • Intermodal Service
  • Dangerous Cargo Service
  • Over-Sized Cargo Service
  • Reefer Cargo Service
  • Security & Regulations
  • Cargo Claim Procedure
  • Verified Gross Mass (VGM)


  • Tanker
  • Tramper
  • Bulk Liner
  • e-Business
  • Heavy Lift & Project

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