About ICAT Logistics

Since being founded in 1993 by CEO Rick Campbell, ICAT Logistics has made incredible transformations over the last three decades. From humble beginnings as a small outfit to our current position as a large global player, ICAT has experienced quite a ride.

Our mission is to help all those we touch grow positively. This is ICAT in a nutshell. It’s what motivates us to provide the best for the best. So whether we’re enjoying a healthy debate internally or working hand-in-hand with one of our valued customers, this is what we live and breathe.

ICAT Logistics advantages

Hiring right and getting to the WOW!
Turning our mission into action begins with our ICAT teammates. Since Rick founded the company, the goal has always been to recruit, hire, and train our employees based on their strengths and how those strengths apply to their job to make our team stronger. By ensuring that our teammates truly understand our mission, we empower them to make the right choices and deliver the best WOW experience possible to make things happen for our clients.

Never forgetting who we are.
Today, it’s tough to find and do business with a customer-focused company. At ICAT Logistics, the customer always comes first. We realize though that in order to provide the highest value for our customers, we must also take care of our own company’s health. That’s why we are committed to staying on the leading edge of corporate responsibility.

Keeping our eye on the prize.
It sounds simple, but establishing a single-minded objective has had tremendous power in motivating our entire team to deliver the very best cargo service and solutions for our customers. ICAT Logistics’ ultimate goal is to be the #1 agency-based freight forwarder in the United States. In the beginning, this was just a dream. But thanks to our dedicated staff, our established relationships around the world, and our hard-earned reputation, this dream has turned into a very real possibility.

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