Impeccable Logistics Service

Same-Day Release Vendor in PayCargo

Impeccable Logistics Service

We are pleased to announce that Impeccable Logistics Service has joined the PayCargo Payment Network as a same day release Vendor.

You can now pay them via PayCargo and obtain a quick, same day release.

About Impeccable Logistics Service


Impeccable Logistics Service Inc (incorporated in September 2017) began operations in March 2018 by a hardworking fellow who has been working in the logistics and transportation industries for over 25 years. 

In May 2018, another hardworking partner joined the company, bringing with him the integrity and knowledge of 20 years of experience with supply chain logistics.

Impeccable Logistics Service Inc., (ILS) provides effective freight and transportation services that allow their clients to run their supply chain with confidence. 

Their goal is to solve problems and provide the solutions in supply chain logistics, transportation costs, and container spaces. 

They can handle everything from shipping regulation compliance to special handling requirements for companies that buy and sell freight abroad.

Their knowledge has delivered outstanding and satisfying service to clients in their 45 years combined experience. 


Impeccable Advantages 


  • Service efficiency 
  • Same day response 
  • Real time data
  • Excellent price
  • Service package 
  • Tailgate the problem
  • Tailor solutions
  • Sustainable saving 
  • Excellent service for our clients.
  • Comfortable and strong service environment to their clients.

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