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Inter-Orient Services

About Inter-Orient Services

Inter-Orient Services, a licensed U.S. Customs broker, and its subsidiaries Inter-Orient Corporation and Noble Shipping, have a global air, ocean, and land network that will ensure our clients full door-to-door service for their shipments.

In 1981, Inter-Orient Services opened its doors with the concept of providing clients with a full service import solutions to alleviate Customs clearance problems. Our company’s founding slogan of Service, Quality, Integrity, Convenience, and Value is one that each and every one of our staff lives by each working day.

This gives our clients more time to invest in the more profitable aspects of their business. To further our founding concept, Inter-Orient Corporation, an international freight forwarder, was opened in 1984.

Today, the Inter-Orient Services group of companies has grown to include Inter-Orient Services, Inter-Orient Corporation, and Noble Shipping Corporation (NVOCC). We strive to continuously improve our services and our logistics network in order to give you, our valued customer, the most value at the best possible price.

Each addition to our product services and each expansion into new regions of the world, whether it be Central or South America, Southeast Asia or China, has one objective in mind: to better serve you and your international business needs. Our staff is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Spanish to better assist you.

Inter-Orient Services advantages

Pre-Import Consultation
For new clients or established clients looking to import a new item into the US, we provide free US import customs clearance consultations to discuss the import process and requirements needed to import your goods into the US

Quick & Accurate Nationwide Customs Clearance
Our customs clearance experts will provide quick and accurate customs clearance for ocean or air shipments in Los Angeles or any other US port of entry

Customs & OGA Exam Arrangements
If US Customs or Other Government Agencies (OGA) requires an exam, we will notify you and make all the necessary arrangements to get your exams done on time

Trucking & Inland Delivery Services
For every shipment we handle, our traffic department makes sure to trace your shipment to the pre-determined destination, whether that’s the US port of entry or the shipment’s final destination

Duty Drawback Entry Service
For import goods that will subsequently be exported, we help importers file duty drawbacks so that they can claim refunds for certain duties, taxes, and fees paid upon importation

Import Troubleshooting
Our customs clearance experts help troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the import process

Freight Forwarding Services (Export)
Pre-Export Consultation
Advice on export costs and fees, most appropriate mode of cargo transportation, and required documentation

Preparation of Required Export Documentation
Filing of required export documents through the Automated Export System (AES), as well as providing Bill of Lading or Airway Bill instruction

Cargo Space Booking
Reservation of necessary cargo space on an ocean vessel, aircraft, train or truck

Coordination with Overseas Customs Broker
Making arrangements with overseas customs brokers to ensure that the goods and documents comply with overseas customs regulations

Delivery to and from Ship or Airplane
Set up delivery to ship or airplane, and/or arranging pickup of goods (if requested)

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