About Intercustoms LLC

Intercustoms LLC. is as an answer to the different needs for better services in the International Trade growing market. More than 12 years of experience in the NorthAmerican market back us up.

Intercustoms LLC understands that good relations and good communication with the people in charge of representing you in front of Customs Authorities, as well as with your customers and suppliers becomes a need in order to get a smooth and fast clearance of goods. We are sure we can become  the support for you require for the healthy growth of international business.

At our Customs Brokerage Agency we are sure that each one of our customers presents different needs and that each one of these needs must be attended in a particular and independent way. That is why between our company policies you will always find PERSONALIZED SERVICE as a priority.

Intercustoms LLC methods are endorsed by more than 12 years of experience, innovation and a team of people constantly in training to better serve our customer’s needs.  We have two different Custom Broker Licenses at the service of the company so you can rest assure your entries will be processed  in a timely and professional matter.

Intercustoms LLC Advantages

  • Freight & Logistics: In order to satisfy and comply with  our customer needs we have included in our service options Freight and Logistics. We can provided and coordinate LTL, FTL, HazMat, Oversize & Overweight, Rail, Air and Sea Freight for you, if required.
  • Customs Clearance: Our very first, and our core service. Everything started with customs clearance. We own two different U.S. Broker Licenses, so we have your back. We can also provide mexican customs clearance if required.
  • Warehousing and Distribution: From our Laredo Tx facility we provide warehousing and distribution to anywhere in the world. Our web based software allows our customs to manage in real time their inventories and even release materials from it, instructing us directly what should be released. and to whom.
  • Consulting & Aditional Services: We are more than Customs Clearance, Freight and Distribution; we can provide you with a array of additional cargo services for your conveniance like: CONSULTING, DRAW BACKS, MEXICO INSURANCE, ATA CARNET PROCESSING, CUSTOMS BONDS, etc.

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