ITG International Transports

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ITG International Transports

About ITG International Transports

ITG International Transports is a renowned and competent logistics services provider that stands out for its extensive product portfolio. ITG International Transports offers made-to-measure logistics solutions that precisely meet our customers’​ specific needs and requirements.

As a full service logistics specialist we cover with our activities in the fields of cargo transport, warehousing and consignment sales combined with comprehensive value-added and supplementary services all areas of modern procurement, contracting and distribution logistics. International transports via air freight, ocean freight and land transport on trucks as well as customs clearance make up the core activities of ITG FREIGHT FORWARDING division.

The section ITG LOGISTICS + DISTRIBUTION is a partner for contract logistics, outsourcing and supply chain management.

ITG International Transports solutions are focused on the specific needs and requirements of our customers for whom we develop in close cooperation customized and flexible solutions, wherever possible.

Particular attention is placed on individual tasks: even if parameters such as capacity, volume, short lead time, product features or a very special customer request constitute a critical challenge – our experts face up to any task and ensure on-schedule and reliable handling.

A great identification with the customer, their products and target-setting is of great importance to us and is reflected in an above-average quality level.

ITG International Transports advantages

Maintain total visibility and control- eliminating time-wasting phone calls with customer service
Full order management with direct EDI support, order imports from Excel, or manual data entry
Customizable packing slips
Order allocation management.
Pick management (FIFO, bin-priority, etc.)
Receive, store, pick and report on material by pallet ID number.
Manage inventory by lot number, serial number, and/or expiration date.
Send advance shipment notifications (ASN) electronically to suppliers or retailers.
Mobile barcode scanning for increased accuracy.
Manage full kitting and assembly functions.
Direct FedEx & UPS integration to streamline operations.
International dates and time zones, currency, metric dimensions and weight support
Advanced 3PL automated billing functionality

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