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About Jas Forwarding Worldwide

JAS (pronounced “jaz”) Forwarding Worldwide was founded in Milan, Italy in 1978 under the leadership of Mr. Biagio Bruni.

During the first decade the company focuses on the Europe/Far East Trade which resulted in JAS taking a dominant share of the market from Europe to Japan.

In 1985 Jas Forwarding Worldwide expands to include ocean freight services in addition to airfreight.

Late 1980s & Into the 90s, Bruni expands from Italy to the Far East, then Europe and the Americas.  

By the start of the new millennium, JAS Forwarding Worldwide expands its reach into the Middle East providing customers with ever-improving freight services.

The New Millennium sees the consolidation of these two first phases, utilizing the new facilities and emphasizing gateway traffic through major hubs.

Jas Worldwide’s capabilities are being continually enhanced through increased use of technology based on multi-lingual web based electronic commerce and sophisticated computer applications.

Jas Forwarding Worldwide Advantages 

  • Be a Best-in-Class forwarder as evidenced by our satisfied customer base
  • Employ an involved and empowered workforce able to identify and solve problems impacting forwarding performance
  • Be a good member of the international community
  • Protect the environment
  • Producing cleaner methods to deliver cargo globally through distributed energy systems, so that the international economy can grow responsibly.
  • Accelerating innovation through business intelligence, and turning islands of data into pathways of understanding to drive competitive advantage.
  • Affordably routing cargo through communications based controls so that our customers can achieve improved profitability.JAS Headquarters

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