About JK International

JK International, Inc. (JKI), is a global logistics company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. From the beginning, the company has had a single clear purpose: to be the global logistics company that clients can always turn to and trust.

JK International provides various logistical solutions for their client’s business needs by working with a global network of qualified and trustworthy partners who share high standards. They emphasize the importance of those who work with them, as they believe that people are what makes JKI successful.

That is why all of our people are highly trained to be helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. The core of its business is the client. They are the reason to provide the highest-quality services, customized to fit clients’ specific needs.

Instead of having an abundance of customers, they rather have a few clients and provide the highest quality in cargo services. This does not mean they will turn down any potential clients knocking on our door.

They will not attempt to expand their clientele without first ensuring that they have a quality capacity to serve those new clients. They would rather have one satisfied client than ten customers who are partially satisfied. This is its commitment to its clients.

JKI is dedicated to providing the highest-quality services to its clients.

JK International Advantages


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