Kamigumi USA Inc

Kamigumi USA Inc

About Kamigumi USA Inc

Kamigumi was established in 1867 together with the opening of Kobe Port. As a pioneer in harbor logistics, we have consistently challenged ourselves to new heights. As the port developed, the company’s handling range also expanded. 

In 1873, Kobe Hamanaka was divided into regions, and the company’s name was changed to Kamigumi Hamanaka due to the fact that they were put in charge of handling on the up-harbor (or ‘kami’) side of the port.

They began expanding its overseas and domestic logistics network, developing bases throughout Asia, with a focus on China.

Kamigumi USA Inc is a local subsidiary of Kamigumi.

Kamigumi USA Inc

  • Integrated Logistics Services
  • Harbor Transport
  • Warehouse Storage &
  • Distribution Processing
  • Transport
  • Logistic Services in China
  • Logistics Services in Southeast Asia
  • Logistics Services in UAE/Mexico
  • Major Cargo Handled
  • Importing Foodstuffs and Cosmetics into China
  • Just-in-Time Transport in China
  • 3PL Using Our Warehouses
  • Exporting Food Products Overseas
  • On-Site Factory Services
  • Heavy Cargo Transportation Services
  • Construction and Mechanical Work Services

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