KYFI Incorporated

KYFI Incorporated

About KYFI Incorporated

KYFI Incorporated , founded in 1970, has grown and evolved much like the ocean transport industry and many of our customers. Originating as a specialized transport entity, our roots have spread to encompass the ever-changing needs of our present and future clients.

With several distinct “in-house” divisions including intermodal drayage, over-the-road trucking as well as container depot and repair facilities, we provide a multitude of combined and individual services, allowing us to present a “best of both worlds” experience. Our emphasis is on one-to-one relationships with cutting edge value added services.

KYFI Incorporated Advantages

  • Logistics/Transportation: Ocean & Air.
  • Intermodal Services: Rail & Trucking.
  • Documentation: Customs and Compliance, COnsular Legalization & Letter of Credit.
  • Customized Services: Ocean Marine Insurance & Warehousing.

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