Linea Peninsular

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Linea Peninsular

About Linea Peninsular

Captain Humphreys was the founder and owner of Linea Peninsular, Incorporated. 

The company was founded in 1984 and has 4 container ships servicing the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico from Panama City, FL and Houston, TX. 

In that time, his vessels have made more than 8,000 crossings of the Gulf of Mexico.

In the last 38 years of experience, the company has achieved these milestones:

2-3 voyages per week between Panama City, FL, USA and Progreso, Mexico.

Fast 2 day transit time.

Weekly voyage between Houston, TX and Progreso, Mexico.

Weekly voyage between Tampa, FL and Progreso, Mexico.

Project Cargo & Heavy Equipment capability.

Linea Peninsular Advantages 

  • Expanded World-Wide Coverage – the company has connecting carrier agreements with several major shipping companies to and from Europe and the Far East.
  • Warehouse – consolidation and deconsolidation services.
  •  Trucking – coordination of inland trucking service in U.S.A., Mexico, and Canada.
  •  4~5 day door-to-door service from the Yucatan region to most U.S. destinations.
  •  More than 38 years serving the expanding needs of the Yucatan Peninsula.
  •  More than 90% of all inbound shipments are pre-cleared with U.S. Customs before reaching U.S. Port.
  •  100% of the Yucatan Peninsula’s maquiladora factories ship with Linea Peninsular.
  •  Linea is now offering AES/ISF filling, customs brokerage and cargo insurance.

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