Locher Evers International

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Locher Evers International

About Locher Evers International

LEI’s governing philosophy has always been to manage all of their client’s logistical needs in-house by minimizing reliance on third party carriers. 

By owning and operating its own equipment and assets, LEI retains more control of customer cargo from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. 

This reduces the need to deal with multiple companies, thus improving accuracy and responsiveness, while insulating their clients from operational challenges 

Locher Evers International has taken great care to build large and effective transportation networks to better serve its customers, they have never aspired to get too big.  

They know their clients are better served by a forwarder that has found that sweet spot between being big and small enough to make sure their clients get the personalised service they deserve.

Locher Evers International have built a culture based around exceeding  customer’s expectations by creating an environment where their employees can care more.

Locher Evers International Advantages

  • Trade consulting and cargo project management
  • Making sure you’re up to speed on all the latest rules, legislation and trade agreements, so your business can stay competitive.
  • Analysis of all your import and export entries to make sure your duties are reduced, applicable taxes are recovered, and that you receive all the refunds and claims that are due to you.
  • We make sure our clients qualify and are enrolled in available duty deferral and duty reduction programs.
  • The management of all your import and export data and documentation, including the collection and management of NAFTA certificates of origin
  • Customs entry transmission through CADEX with online PARS tracking
  • Ensuring that you meet all your audit and ruling requirements
  • Producing Consolidated Entry Preparations
  • CFIA Releases
  • Managing temporary entries
  • Handling NRI clearance


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