LongSail USA Corp

LongSail USA Corp

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LongSail USA Corp

About LongSail USA Corp

Long Sail was founded in 1997. The head office is located in Shenzhen.

Nowadays, the group owns 1000 experts armed with professional logistic knowledge, and more than 24 branch companies spread across the mainland and overseas! 

Long Sail is an excellent freight forwarding company approved by China’s Ministry of Commerce, holding the “Non-vessel Shipping” qualification certificate. 

The company’s partners and shipping companies all have been carefully selected for a long period of time.

Apart from free office properties, more than 20 years of trailer service, customs clearance and shipping experience are all trustworthy, they can evade the risk effectively due to a wealth of industry experience and strong group intelligence, keeping an eye on the trends of Logistics.

LongSail USA Corp. , founded on July 26th, 2016, is the first American subsidiary company established by Long Sail International Logistics Co., Ltd.

LongSail USA Corp Advantages

  • Ocean+
  • Air+
  • Railway+
  • Inland Delivery
  • Freight
  • Cross Border E-commerce Logistics
  • DG Cargo & Special Container Transportation
  • Port of destination services
  • Customs Clearance & Cargo Inspection
  • Warehouse
  • Bonded Warehouse

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