Magnum Freight Corporation

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About Magnum Freight Corporation

Magnum Freight Corporation was established in Miami, FL home operations in 1993. Currently we offer services of domestic transportation and international cargo services for air and sea imports and exports.

We provide comprehensive service solutions to our customers, allowing us to guarantee high standards quality in the supply chain. We offer the best customer service and competitive rates for air, sea, and land shipments. Our winery 60,000 square feet we are located 5 minutes from Miami airport and 25 minutes from the Port of Miami. Our location is ideal to handle any type of transport for our clients.

Magnum Freight Corporation complies with extensive security measures and cargo handling procedures established by the government entities of the United States and countries in destination. We help clients to be within the established regulations.

Magnum Freight Corporation Advantages

  • Air Freight Services
  • Ocean Freight Services
  • Storage Services
  • Domestic Transportation

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