Mapcargo Global Logistics

Mapcargo Global Logistics

About Mapcargo Global Logistics

Mapcargo Global Logistics remains a privately owned company.
Since 1990 customers all over the world have relied on the exper-tise of the Mapcargo team to provide real world solutions to complex logistical problems.

Mapcargo has enjoyed considerable growth year on year, offering cargo logistics planning and solutions to fully satisfy the expanding service requirements of our clients. With our commitment to this strategy, which is shared by all of our staff, we will continue to drive MAPCARGO forward and into the future.

Mapcargo Global Logistics believes the supplier-vendor relation to be a strong and long term partnership. The customer and his logistics partners shall concentrate on their lead competencies and work closely together with the common aim to be a leader in each other’s sector.

We want to serve you in a reliable, efficient and most flexible manner, so that your company can compete in it’s business not only by selling quality products, but also by satisfying customers with high value logistics services and fast and safe delivery of their goods.

Mapcargo Global Logistics advantages

Since its foundation in 1990 Mapcargo has developed according to customers needs from a traditional freight forwarding company to a full service logistics provider.

Even in the late 90‘s Mapcargo fulfilled non-standard extras as value added services for their customers. To further strenghten these activities in 1994 Mapcargo International opened a number of additional terminals in the USA and overseas.

Our specialists design efficient concepts for customers needs, and integrated logistic solutions covering various industry and trade sectors.

We offer all segments of modern procurement, production and distribution logistics and can combine them with our range of freight forwarding services to a global solution concept.

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