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Max Trans Logistics

About Max Trans Logistics

Max Trans Logistics began in 2006 as the brokerage arm of the MaxTrans Group. Within 10 years, Max Trans found itself moving over 30,000 loads with more than 7,500 carriers in our network. Today, Max Trans Logistics operates as the 3PL-arm of GuideOn Group, a combined force of three successful transportation organizations working to build the future of shipping. 

With over 130,000 loads to its credit, via a combined network of more than 19,000 carriers and 350 group-owned assets, MaxTrans unique asset-enhanced 3PL has the  team, the experience, and the drive to ship cargo for a wide array of industries with maximum confidence and minimum stress.

Max Trans Logistics Advantages

MaxTrans brings unprecedented value to shippers, carriers, and team members by relentlessly pursuing fairness in every transaction, constantly investing in the technology and talent necessary to lead the industry, and committing to long-term relationships that benefit everyone who does business with us.

More stability. Less stress. Better business.

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