MBC Brokers

Same-Day Release Vendor in PayCargo

MBC Brokers

We are pleased to announce that MBC Brokers has joined the PayCargo Payment Network as a same day release Vendor.

You can now pay them via PayCargo and obtain a quick, same day release.

About MBC Brokers


John Hanson started MBC Brokers in 2002 after working in the industry for 24 years. He received his Customs Broker’s license in 1985. His daughter Katie joined MBC Brokers in 2007 and received her Customs Broker’s license in 2016. His daughter Larissa joined MBC Brokers in 2018.

The company offers customs clearance on all of your import shipments into ANY PORT in the US, DC, and PR. 

MBC Brokers is a licensed Customs brokerage for Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security. 

Are you lost and don’t know what needs to be done regarding your shipment? They can help. Whether you are a big corporation, a small importer, or an individual, we can take care of it for you. 

They can handle items that other brokers don’t want or don’t know how to do.  Motorized vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, scooters, live animals, liquor, wine, beer, spirits  and personal effects if you are moving to the US. 

They often reply to emails outside office hours, so please send them a message with any questions! If you are importing something to the USA, then you need a broker to handle the paperwork and facilitate the clearance process. 

Don’t wait until the items have already arrived and storage is accruing or the shipment is about to be seized. 

Visit their website for in-depth information for first-time importers, as well as a large selection of forms you may need to facilitate clearance.


MBC Advantages

  • Motorized vehicles – cars, motorcycles, trucks, scooters
  • Live animals
  • Food, including meat and dairy products
  • Liquor – wine, beer and spirits
  • Personal effects if you are moving to the US

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