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Mega International Air Services

About Mega International Air Services

Mega International Air Services (VAN.) Inc. is a non union airline cargo handling company who has been active at Vancouver International Airport for over 35 years. Mega is staffed with professional personnel combining numerous years of experience in the air cargo industry. This along with our logistic expertise places us in favorable position to meet the needs and requirements for all air carriers.

Our full range of services makes us a versatile and flexible structure whose services can be modified to comply with any of the carrier’s requirements, regardless of schedule frequency, cargo volume or special handling tasks. Mega International posses all the necessary licenses, permits, bonds, insurance coverage, equipment, RNS, ACI, and ACE.

In addition to our regular airline cargo handling, Mega provides handling for 3 weekly scheduled 777 freighters. In the past Mega has provided handling for Lufthansa Cargo and Japan Airlines 747 Freighters as well as EVA Air’s 747 Combi. Mega has also serviced many of Lufthansa MD11 freighters and Antanov chartered freighters. Mega has been involved in many big productions for sporting events, concert tours, dinosaur exhibits, livestock charters, and circuses.

Mega International Air Services Advantages

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