Miami Customs Services

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Miami Customs Services

About Miami Customs Services

Miami Customs Services Inc, was founded in 1991 and  began as a small family business. Today, they are still family-owned, but have grown into a much larger operation. 

Miami Customs Services’ growth has been a result of meeting the clients needs and providing them with a full service, customer-centric experience. 

They take pride themselves in being able to provide their customers with complete service. 

From importing to exporting, warehousing and trucking, they offer cargo customized services to match their customer’s needs. 

Miami Customs Services advantages

Customs Brokerage
From ships entering to arrival through U.S. Customs Clearance, we coordinate and monitor your shipment every step of the way. We are fully licensed to clear your shipment in all major international Airports and Seaports within the United States. Our services include Formal and Informal Entries, ISF filing, and any other services you may need.

Freight Forwarding
We are certified by IATA, the FMC, and ATF. We provide full service of your shipment whether it is Bonded or Domestic. Our licensed bonded trucks can move your cargo door to door.

We offer two types of Warehousing storage options for our clients: Domestic and Bonded. We are licensed and cleared to handle all of your Warehousing needs, from arrival, to storage, and shipping.

PayCargo is your all-in-one logistics payment platform for faster release of cargo. With PayCargo, your security and satisfaction are accounted for. 

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