About Morrison Express

Established in 1972, Morrison Express began as a regional air freight specialist. Forty years later, we have grown to become a leading global provider of freight forwarding and logistics services with a network of more than 300 company and agent offices across five continents.

What hasn’t changed during this time is our rich culture of treating clients as partners and being able to deliver cargo for them time after time.

We not only strive to provide our clients with exceptional expertise and know-how critical to building competitive advantage, we help them succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

In the process, the honesty and integrity we’ve built into the fabric of our company’s culture has earned us their trust and built a reputation for delivering on most complex logistics and freight forwarding needs.

Our expectations are many, our goals are big. At Morrison Express, we are constantly looking beyond the traditional approach to global logistics and transportation management. We not only strive to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions for our clients, we make certain we do.

Morrison Express advantages

We didn’t develop market-leading logistics services without first learning from decades of experience, combined with the core principles and values we live by. Our logistics solutions prove that point. We use our intimate focus on client needs to anticipate, understand, and exceed your individual expectations.

Then, we work as a team, operating with the tenets of mutual respect, collaboration and the sharing of information. Each client benefits from a comprehensive portfolio of logistics and freight forwarding solutions that includes air and ocean freight consolidation, sea-air transport, customs brokerage, cargo insurance, charter service, warehousing and distribution.

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