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About Narrow Road Transportation

Narrow Road Transportation is based in Albuquerque with actual employees, a fleet of trucks, and a physical warehouse right here in Albuquerque.

We work behind the scenes to support the interests of the world’s leading 3pl, Logistics, and Freight Forwarding companies who need a hardworking, honest and dependable last mile and warehouse “agent” to work on their behalf in New Mexico and crossing into nearby states.

Additionally, we provide backbone support to the import/export industry as a neutral provider of warehousing and trucking/logistics and warehousing services to be used by logistics companies and the shipping/importing public.

As the home of ABQ Ocean Port, we assist forwarders, brokers and importers with all the necessary inland port services to clear, expedite, examine and deliver their shipments throughout the region from all over the world.

Narrow Road Transportation name has a few meanings. One is our focus, on the last mile, the narrow roads found in cities, towns and neighborhoods, more so than the wide open highways. Our name is also a biblical reference to making quality choices. To choose the Narrow Road means you are choosing the best path which leads to the best results. We believe that ethics and morals matter at all contact points with our company.

Narrow Road Transportation Advantages

  • Delivery Services
  • Warehouses Services
  • ABQ Ocean Port

Unlike the rest, we deliver goods that arrive by Domestic Air Cargo, Domestic Truck, International Ocean, International Air, and may consist of Temporary Imports, Manipulations, Marking Notices, Wood Packing Violations, etc.  Forwarders, Customs Brokers, and Logistics companies love working with us because we have been in their shoes and that translates into a higher quality service with the least amount of effort and the most professional results for everyone involved. 

For our local clients, we are happy to work with ANY Freight Forwarder or Customs broker that you may be using anywhere in the world.  

PayCargo is your all-in-one logistics payment platform for faster release of cargo. With PayCargo, your security and satisfaction are accounted for. 

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