NAX USA Logistics

NAX USA Logistics

About NAX USA Logistics

NAX USA Logistics provides the ocean’s combined frozen and refrigerated cargo service between Japan and Los Angeles.

There is no need to prepare a 40F container, and even small quantities can be used at a reasonable price. They aim to develop services that are optimal for urgent transportation even on the ocean.

As China’s era as the world’s factory is coming to an end and they are moving to emerging countries, their group established a branch office in Bangkok.

NAX USA has realized smoother transportation services by employing Vietnamese staff. They will continue to put even more effort into their service, aiming to be the service of choice.

NAX USA LogisticsAdvantages

  • Air Cargo
  • Air Perishable Cargo
  • Ocean Cargo
  • Ocean Export/ Import
  • Refrigeration and Freezing Logistics Services

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