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Neptune Shipping Limited

About Neptune Shipping Limited

Neptune Shipping Limited was established in 2005, Nippon Supply Chain Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a platform-based enterprise that provides one-stop cross-border supply chain comprehensive services, providing B2B and B2C supply chain services for international trade and cross-border e-commerce. The company has passed the ISO9001 certification of the national quality management system, and has the NVOCC license issued by the Federal Maritime Commission of the United States and the NVOCC license issued by the Ministry of Communications of China. .

The company attaches great importance to digital construction, owns a number of industry software copyrights, and operates a cross-border e-commerce logistics service platform Ant Logistics Network ( ) and a digital service platform FreightHubs ( ), aiming to realize supply Integration and digitization of chain management.

Neptune Shipping Limited insists on professional operation and deeply cultivates trans-Pacific routes and European-Mediterranean routes. Since its establishment, it has rapidly become a mainstream logistics and trade service provider with leading service concepts and strong service capabilities by virtue of its superior route services and unremitting efforts. All Neptune people work hard and work tirelessly to meet the growing needs and expectations of customers around the world.

Neptune Shipping Limited

The company provides comprehensive and detailed seaborne import and export services such as FCL, LCL, bulk cargo, and air transportation, including but not limited to scheme design, chartering and booking, packing and port, customs, insurance, etc. The company has established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with major airlines to ensure cost savings and sufficient space.
Carrier Sharing Service (SOC)

Neptune Shipping Limited creatively connects market elements such as international trade, international shipping and international container leasing from the bottom, and solves the market pain points of all practitioners through the container sharing model. The company manages more than 30,000 containers in Asian ports every year, and can be placed in the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions at any time. Due to the fully autonomous operation of these containers, the company is able to adopt a more flexible, diversified and user-friendly container policy to help customers save costs (Cost down) while further improving the flexibility of order fulfillment and the stability of supply chain management (Value up).

Neptune Shipping Limited has China’s leading integrated multimodal transport logistics capabilities, and has a wealth of sea-rail train lines and perfect sea routes to connect the world, providing you with more cost-effective, greener, and more environmentally friendly multimodal transport solutions.
supply chain management

In response to diversified supply chain needs and customers’ extreme requirements for cost, efficiency and stability, the company obtains deep demand insight through in-depth involvement in the supply chain where customers are located, and then ensures the operation of the supply chain through a series of management behaviors. Efficiency and economy of management, and strike a balance between stability and flexibility.

With the trend of trade inclusiveness, cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly as an emerging form of international trade. The company’s ant logistics network focuses on providing logistics services and supply chain solutions for factory-type, trade-type, and platform-type export e-commerce enterprises, including FBA and WFS distribution for e-commerce platforms, as well as final consumers. One mile delivery. The company has built its own overseas warehouses in Los Angeles and Chicago, providing customers with overseas warehouse services such as rapid transit, labeling and labeling, and one-piece shipping.

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