Next Logistics Group

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Next Logistics Group

About Next Logistics Group

Next Logistics Group was formed by experienced executives that have been handling global transportation from the carrier and forwarding side for over 20 years plus. We will implement our best effort into every shipment. Our company is dedicated on offering a responsible, proactive, honest, and clear cargo service.

Next will invest in our people, technology, customer and vendors to attain a long-term growth plan.

We look at growing our company with dedication and forward-thinking. Expect our brand to be a leader at customer service and coverage around the world.

Next Logistics Group advantages

Customer Approach
We love to interact with our customers and engage to understand their needs and product.

Procurement & Quote – fast, effective and comprehensive sales approach to maximize shipments.

Customer Service
Proactive & Reactive mentality with all moving parts.

Metric sharing mentality, we want to provide our customers with all the possible indicators to gauge business.

Implementation of new online tools that will create efficiency and productivity growth.

Semi Six Sigma approach, we strive to minimize any operational risk and variables.

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