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Nippon Express USA

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Nippon Express USA

About Nippon Express USA

Nippon Express Company, Ltd., was established in 1937 in line with the Nippon Tsu-un Kaisha Law as a semi-government transportation enterprise. T

The Company was created by pooling the assets of Kokusai Tsu-un KK (International Express Co., Ltd.), which consolidated many of the nation’s small-scale rail transport companies, and six other competitors, with additional funding from the Japanese government. 

In 1950, under the Express Business Act and the Commercial Law Act, the company was relaunched as a private concern. Since that time, Nippon Express has expanded and developed its business in tandem with the Japanese economy as a whole.

Nippon Express USA’s  goal is to help clients reduce costs and create internal efficiencies through their global logistics services, motor freight transport and forwarding, marine transport and freight forwarding, airfreight forwarding and other air cargo transport and forwarding services.

Nippon Express USA empowers firm to diversify their product offering through trade finance and procurement agency service, contract warehousing, facility design and construction, customs clearance, cargo insurance agency, freight packing and their global travel agency service. 

In addition, their services include real estate property sales and rental services, security services, employee dispatching services, industrial waste disposal services and other sector services.

The firm has cargo centers and logistics service operations across six continents; more than 1400 facilities in Japan plus a global network comprised of 383 subsidiaries and 62 associated companies.

Nippon Express USA covers abroad range of businesses, such as air and sea transport, warehousing, and moving services, connected across the globe with locations in 37 countries. 

Nippon Express USA advantages

Consumer Goods
Industrial Goods
Aerospace Manufacturer Perfects International Journey
New Auto Supplier Integrated Without Crashing Production
Confection Packing Solution Translates to Sweet Savings
Logistics Helps Mining Firm Move Mountains
Cold Chain Solution Saves Cold Hard Cash

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