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About Norton Lilly

In the rapidly evolving shipping industry, it is more important than ever for owners, operators and charterers to partner with a robust and versatile agent that will deliver reliability, quality, and piece-of-mind. At Norton Lilly, we have positioned ourselves to provide the highest level of service to our customers while helping them achieve success in the shipping industry.

We have evolved alongside the industry since being founded in 1841, and have progressed with the shipping industry as the company changed through mergers and acquisitions. In 2002, Norton Lilly became the combination of three of the most highly-respected companies in the ship agency business, Strachan Shipping Agency, Kerr Norton Marine and Norton Lilly International. This merger created a robust and versatile shipping agent poised to evolve with an ever-changing industry.

Being one of the largest providers of agency services in North America means Norton Lilly is capable of offering a wide range of services for numerous vessel types. We specialize in providing port services and logistics for bulk, tanker, reefer, liner and passenger vessels in the oil, gas, breakbulk, dry bulk, container and cruise industries. This also means that our customers are assured a wide range of domestic and international support with service to over 70 ports through 39 offices in the United States, and our offices in Panama, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Barbados, and Trinidad. We can handle your vessels globally through our business partners, S5. But, this is monitored from our offices in the US.

To remain the premier shipping agency in the Americas, we know it is vital to evolve with the industry, and we know that safety and environmental issues are at the forefront of the shipping industry’s future.

Norton Lilly Advantages

  • Port Agency
  • Logistics
  • Project Logistics
  • Hub Accounting
  • Tanker Services
  • Geographical Coverage
  • Liner
  • Oil & Gas
  • Container Planning

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