Ohio Intermodal Services

Ohio Intermodal Services

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Ohio Intermodal Services

About Ohio Intermodal Services

Our team at Ohio Intermodal Services strives to create a valuable experience for each of our clients. As a premier container drayage provider in the greater Ohio Valley area, we focus on maintaining a reliable, client-focused, sustainable organization.

We recently merged with TRANSInternational Systems, an intermodal company established in 1973. Together, we have expanded our footprint in the greater Ohio Valley area.

We take pride in knowing that you trust our team to move your cargo shipments. We’re here to transport your cargo as an extension of your team.

Ohio Intermodal Services advantages

On-time delivery

Dwell time

Timely empty terminations, based on time of empty notification to empty termination

Per diem spend

Chassis spend

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