Overseas Containers Forwarding

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Overseas Containers Forwarding

About Overseas Containers Forwarding

In a dynamic overseas shipping market our “hands-on” management group ensures your business is our top priority.

As a Canadian International Freight Forwarder and NVOCC we strive to achieve the optimum service for our customers.

Overseas Containers Forwarding experienced staff and in house information and management tools ensure your cargo handle deadlines are met, creating time and space to do what you do best – manage your core business. 

For our many customers, this commitment to service translates into a collaborative and worry free business experience.

At OCF the Technical Experience to handle any logistical requirements that  your business needs, has been built on over 150 years of combined experience, that started in the 70’s.

Overseas Containers Forwarding Advantages

  • Full Container Loads (FCL)
  • Refrigerated Containers (Reefer)
  • Air Freight
  • All Services
  • Shipping Resources
  • Freight Quote

PayCargo is your all-in-one logistics payment platform for faster release of cargo. With PayCargo, your security and satisfaction are accounted for. 

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