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About Prime Agency

Prime Agency was established in 1998 as a U.S. based NVOCC conducting business as a major agent for foreign international freight forwarders and foreign NVOCCs. Located in City of Industry, Los Angeles, the busiest international port complex of ocean and air shipments in US West Coast, with a shipping network that we built up together with our agents worldwide, Prime Agency provides all the professional services and convenience as needed by the import and export customers in the US and Canada. Our full range of international shipping services including ocean, air, third party courier and combined modes are designed to perform at our advanced Online Service Platform which is supported by our business partners and strong IT team.

We strive to contribute our expertise, effectiveness and efficiency in the international shipping industry to all businesses that are willing to work with us together to get the cargo shipped fast, safely and economically to the destinations.

Prime Agency Advantages

PRIME AGENCY is designed to support international freight forwarding companies worldwide and international trading companies nationwide in the U.S. and Canada to make international shipping, storage and delivery professionally, make it easy, cost effective, automated and user friendly. Our advanced online service platform is for all of our international freight forwarding business partners and all of our clients to enjoy the service quality and convenience of online customer service, future rate search, easy accounting coordination, cost control, online automated shipment data processing.

  • Ocean shipping of containerized cargo is our core business with our business partners.Volume benefits our business partners and clients for big savings of shipping costs. Our value-added services perfectly fulfill our clients’ door to door shipping needs.
  • Air cargo is processed rapidly to meet with our clients’ required delivery time. We do one-point-for-all services to save time in Customs clearance and trucker dispatching for door delivery.
  • Our contracted commercial warehouses and distribution centers located all over the States and Canada are additional resources for us to help our business partners and clients for traditional warehouse storage and e-Commerce package distribution.
  • Our contracted final delivery by truckers and couriers gets our service for traditional ocean and air cargo door delivery and e-Commerce express delivery perfectly completed with speed, safety and professionalism.

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