About PSA Penn Terminals

PSA Penn Terminals is one of the best equipped, privately owned multipurpose Marine Terminals on the US East Coast. Our Terminal, Warehousing and Stevedoring Services have helped us successfully handle our clients’ cargo since 1986.

We are known industry wide for our reliability and efficiency in handling container, perishable, project, super sack, steel, pipes, forest products and other break-bulk cargoes.

At PSA Penn Terminals, everything that we do is based on the understanding that our success is entirely dependent upon the success of our clients. At PSA Penn Terminals you receive both high productivity and exceptional service from a dedicated, experienced workforce at very competitive rates.

We are located in Eddystone, Pennsylvania, which is situated on the Delaware River 6 miles (9km) south of Philadelphia and 11 miles (18km) north of Wilmington, Delaware.

Penn Terminals is conveniently located a few minutes away from Rte. I-95 and Rte. I-476 and 20 minutes from the NJ Turnpike. We have on-dock rail service by Conrail, CSX & Norfolk Southern.

PSA Penn Terminals Advantages

  • PSA Penn Terminals’ site is on freehold property and is not therefore subject to Port Authority oversight, their politics or their incremental fees.
  • Economical container stripping and stuffing services are available on the terminal premises. Stuffing or stripping of over-the-road trucks, with appointment, is generally handled in under an hour.
  • Our unionized work force, the Boilermakers, provide a consistent labor pool, and have pro-business work practices that benefit both themselves and the customer.
  • US Customs and US Department of Agriculture are domiciled on the terminal. In the event of inspections being required, waiting times are minimal.
  • Flexibility of operating hours and shifts allows for overall reduction in overtime expenses.
  • Combining all of the above, our clients enjoy some of the lowest cost structures in the region, giving them a leg up on competition!

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