Quicksilver Customs Broker

Quicksilver Customs Broker

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Quicksilver Customs Broker

About Quicksilver Customs Broker

At Quicksilver Customs Brokers, we specialize in taking control of your imports to the USA, simplifying and streamlining the import and customs brokerage process. Our commitment to efficiency and speed sets us apart as we endeavor to provide swift and straightforward customs clearance at all ports across the USA.

We understand the urgency of having your cargo in your hands as soon as possible, and that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure timely clearance and delivery. Our role as the bridge between shippers, U.S. Customs, and your valued customers is what makes importing with us a hassle-free experience.

At Quicksilver Customs Brokers, we pride ourselves on making imports simple, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we handle the intricacies of customs and logistics.

Quicksilver Customs Broker advantages

Customs Clearance all Ports of Entry into the U.S.A.- We clear freight at all ocean ports, airports, and border ports. We will track and coordinate all phases of the customs clearance process.

Continuous Bond- Frequent shippers can import into the U.S.A. without purchasing a bond for every shipment, discounted rates available. Quicksilver Customs Brokers can assist your company in obtaining a continuous bond today.

Duty Drawbacks- Quicksilver Customs Brokers assist their clients in re-imbursement of duty paid on goods entered into the U.S.A., then re-exported to a foreign country.

Line Release Entry-Quicksilver Customs Brokers can obtain a Line Release approval for clients who ship frequently into the U.S.A. This is approved for “low risk commodities” and high volume entries and multiple container loads.

Import Programs-Quicksilver Customs Brokers can customs design an integrated import program that suits the needs of your business. Our expert team of professionals opens the door to seamless importation of your goods.

Types of Customs Entries

T&E Entry – Transportation and Export: Goods shipped under U.S. Customs bond from a U.S. Port of Entry to a second U.S. Customs port for export to a third country.

VST&E – Vessel Transportation and Export: This is a specialized U.S. Customs bond intended for a foreign vessel which will be immediately leaving the USA.

Warehouse Entry- This entry is for goods entering the USA under bond to temporarily store goods in a warehouse without paying duties and/or taxes.

Informal Entry- This type of entry is performed for shipments valued under $2,000 USD. (Some commodities are restricted to on an informal entry, regardless of the value.)

Consumption Entry- Designed for shipments entering the U.S.A. with a value over $2,000 USD.

TIB- Temporary Import Bond- Goods entering USA temporarily and intended for re-export to the originating county. Some restrictions do apply.

4455- Certificate of Registration- We also prepare this U.S. Customs document which is intended for foreign shipment exporting from the U.S.A. and then intended for return to the U.S.A.

IT Entries- Immediate Transit- Goods shipped under U.S. bond directly from initial Port of Entry into the USA to a second U.S. Customs port. Note: Restriction: The Carrier must hold a Bond with U.S. Customs.

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