RL Jones Customhouse Brokers

RL Jones Customhouse Brokers

About RL Jones Customhouse Brokers

RL Jones Customhouse Brokers was founded in 1938 by Earl D. Roberts in Calexico Ca. Over the years, we expanded our coverage to include all major U.S Southern Border Ports. Today, we employ more than three hundred and fifty individuals system wide. Our trained and motivated team of professionals delivers integrated services to meet your cargo Import/Export, warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding needs, with the highest degree of integrity. Our offices are staffed by 11 Licensed Brokers. 

RL Jones Customhouse Brokers is known as one of the most highly automated brokers in the United States, Our ABI/ACE Software and in-house developed and proprietary software works on the latest Windows based platform.

RL Jones Customhouse Brokers has offices located on both sides of the border to complement and facilitate border crossing of merchandise. We look forward to serving you.

RL Jones Customhouse Brokers advantages


Provide the best service that facilitates our customer’s trade operations through innovation, technology and communication; building strong relationships with our clients and business partners based on integrity, flexibility and dependability.


To be the most respected Customs Brokerage and International Logistics Company along the U.S. Southern Border.

Quality Policy

We are committed to the continuous improvement in the quality and effectiveness of our import/export/customs consulting, warehouse, logistics and freight services, meeting or exceeding our customers requirements.

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