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Samuel Shapiro

About Samuel Shapiro

Since 1915, Samuel Shapiro has built its company on what really matters: Intelligent cargo solutions on a foundation of trust.

You need partners you know you can rely on, even in tough times. At Shapiro, we combine nimble technology, creative designs, and a culture of continuous improvement to implement a scalable, powerful supply chain arsenal for growing companies like yours.

While Customs brokerage is typically an afterthought for the big-boy forwarders and 3PLs, you can’t afford that luxury. From enormous fines to diminished market access to good ol’ bad press, the penalties for poor Customs compliance truly pack a punch. It’s easy to miss something if you don’t know the ropes. Well, Samuel Shapiro know the ropes.

The key to modern Customs brokerage is the elegant application of technology. Samuel Shapiro understands the value of building data tables controlled by licensed experts and using system edits to electronically verify all data inputs. We’re big believers in eliminating redundancies and keystroke errors by trading all crucial information electronically whenever possible.

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