Seaboard Marine

Seaboard Marine

About Seaboard Marine

Established in 1983, Seaboard Marine, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation, is a premier ocean transportation company providing direct, regular service between North America, the Caribbean Basin, Central, and South America. 

With a fleet of over thirty vessels serving nearly forty ports, Seaboard Marine is a trade leader in the Western Hemisphere.

Their mission is to be a leader in ocean transportation and logistics where employees partner with customers to provide the highest level of service without exception. 

This statement is their creed since their inception and has driven their success for nearly forty years of service to businesses throughout the Americas. 

Seaboard Marine offers service to more than twenty-five countries with each office and location contributing towards their success as a promoter of trade throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Seaboard Marine Advantages 

  • Cargo
  • Dry
  • Refrigerated
  • Project
  • Specialized
  • LCL
  • Shipping Services
  • Equipment Pickup
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • EDI Request Form
  • Verified Gross Mass
  • Submit VGM

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