Seaspace International Forwarders

Seaspace International Forwarders

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Seaspace International Forwarders

About Seaspace International Forwarders

Founded in the UK in 1998 as an ocean freight forwarding company, Seaspace International has developed to provide complete forwarding and freight management services for sea, air and road. 

An important element in this evolution was the establishment of Seaspace International Forwarders USA, Inc. 

As an integral member of the Seaspace International Group they have rapidly grown into a major force in the US forwarding world, with particular emphasis on the aeronautics and related industries.

The Group includes offices in Dallas, San Francisco, London, Felixstowe and Hong Kong. 

These corporate offices are linked in turn to a world-wide network of independent overseas offices. 

This enables them to operate highly competitive direct and consolidation services to and from all major air and sea ports. 

You can be confident that every SIF  shipment is closely monitored on a door-to-door basis.

Seaspace International Forwarders Advantages

  • Freight Management by air, sea and road…
  • Customs Clearance…
  • Customs and Consular Documentation…
  • International Network…
  • US Trucking & Distribution…

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