SM Line

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SM Line

About SM Line

SM Line is growing into a global shipping company trusted by customers and society by providing eco-friendly services.

Trusted Container Carrier

SM Line provides a world-class shipping service to customers with our worldwide network. We are actively co-operating with global shipping companies for Inter-American-Asian Services.

Agile Response to Market

With swift responses to market conditions, we are constantly expanding our operation network, focusing on niche markets, and looking out for opportunities to collaborate with global shipping companies.

Strong cost competitiveness

We are dedicated to improving cost competitiveness in the entire shipping and logistics process under all external environmental conditions.

Leading Operating Systems and Professional Employees

Enjoy real-time cargo information, and convenient EDI systems via our best-in-class service from professionals.

SM Line focuses on establishing a comprehensive logistics transportation network worldwide to create value-added logistics services. 

With the need to deliver value-added logistics services, SM LINE operates a comprehensive network of logistics and intermodal services around the globe. SM Line’s intermodal service is currently available between US and Canadian west coast and major inland hubs with Union Pacific and Canadian National which are the class 1 rail companies in North America. We are also expanding service converage throughout the North America. Contracting with major truck operators has improved SM Line’s intermodal service through reliable transportation while suplying real time tracking information to customers.

Each shipment is tracked and monitored by our branch office in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, transportation to inland is based on usage of modernized rail terminals run by top-class rail companies. Particularly, UP-Global Ⅳ, the most advanced rail terminal handles cargoes with first-rate service by integrating rail and truck transportation, distribution and warehousing in one place.

SM Line Advantages

  • Service Network
  • Large Vessel Fleet
  • Special Cargo
  • Reefer Cargo
  • Dangerous Cargo
  • Over-sized Cargo
  • Dry Container
  • Reefer Container
  • Open Top Container
  • Flat Rack Container

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