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Jack and Frances James formed SouthWest Freight (then known as Texas Parcels Service) in 1966. The operations actually began in 1967 in a small, one-door, ground-level, metal building just off of Milby Street. We handled (as the name implies) only small parcels and only between Houston and Dallas.
The realization that we would not be the next UPS began to sink in and Jack and Frances began to look for options to diversify. We moved again in the early 70’s to a building on Lathrop Street. A deal was made to begin handling the J.C. Penney account about the same time.

The next move was back east of downtown and we began doing distribution for Kmart, Woolco, W T Grant, and other retail stores. The additional distribution for these stores forced us to move again to a larger facility near the intersection of Market and McCarty. We also added a power conveyor system at this time to handle the unloading of the rail cars and piggyback trailers. That is how we received 95% of our freight in those days.

The move to our current warehouse occurred at the end of 1979, and at about that same time we established an operation in San Antonio. That operation was initially to handle all the cargo we were shipping from Houston to San Antonio but has long since become capable of operating independently of the cargo we ship to San Antonio.

The 80’s saw us begin to handle international cargo and begin to dray a lot of ocean containers. Distribution was not what it once was and we felt this was an opportunity for growth in a new area. Houston and San Antonio became C.F.S. (Container Freight Station) operations. San Antonio was designated as a C.E.S. (Customs Examination Station) and now is also the premier container yard in that city.
We have gone from a small metal building to three terminals/warehouses in three cities running about 80 tractors (including owner operators) and provide employment for approximately 150 individuals. Southwest Freight Inc is still considered a small company by most standards but we are very proud of what has been accomplished by everyone here. We believe we are the best at what we do in the areas we serve and have the best people to do it.

SouthWest Freight Advantages:


  • Intermodal
  • Van
  • Hot Shot
  • Flatbed
  • Bobtail
  • Project Cargo


  • Door to Door
  • Bonded
  • OOG ( Approved Vendor for Shifted Loads)


  • Shifted Loads
  • Overweight Loads

US Customs Bonded

Hazmat Certified

CTPAT Compliant

Pipe/ Container Storage Yard ( 11 Acres in Houston, 17 Acres San Antonio)



CES in San Antonio

Cross Dock

Electronic Freight Tracking

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