About Supply Chain Solutions

At Supply Chain Solutions, we turn your supply chain into a finely tuned, high-performance value chain, giving you better cash flow and improving your bottom line.

For nearly 20 years, clients have turned to SCS for ways to run a smarter business. We create efficiencies. Free up cash. Save money. Help you grow into new markets. Improve market share. Make your operations more nimble. Reduce risk.

With headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan and operations all over the world, SCS is a leader in creating value for business of any size looking to drive efficiencies quickly and over the long-term through transportation, cargo logistics and technology solutions.

Supply Chain Solutions creates measurable business value and generates profits for its clients through assessment, design, implementation and management of end-to-end integrated supply chain solutions

Supply Chain Solutions advantages

Less Inventory
SCS helped Fortune 1000 company develop leaner, more agile supply chain solution

Bottom Line Savings
SCS helped leading manufacturer of semi-trailers to implement annual bottom line savings of 12%

Freed Up Cash
Fluctuating demand called for a redesigned and resized supply chain network that saved $22 million

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