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Tetria Global Logistics

About Tetria Global Logistics

Tetria Global Logistics was founded as a fully technology-enabled global supply chain partner by four longtime logistics executives, with extensive industry experience.

Our solutions are developed with a deep understanding of the evolving challenges in the supply chain industry. With trusted partners around the globe, a data-driven approach, and a capability-focused engineering and analytics team, our mission is to deliver the highest-quality solution that serves your supply chain demands.

The insight we gain through our order and shipment-specific trend analysis and benchmarking is used to create customized solutions that save you time and resources while minimizing the prevalent risks in many of today’s supply chain distribution models.

As our client, we take the time upfront to understand your unique business and challenges because we recognize that not one size fits all with supply chain solutions.

We then solve them by providing to you:
Proprietary, modular and scalable technology solutions
Engineered solutions specifically for your company
Unsurpassed collaboration based on transparency and dedicated customer support
Unparalleled analytics to manage cost, service, trends and opportunities

Tetria Global Logistics Advantages

The services offered by Tetria exist in the intersection between technology, experience, process engineering, and operational excellence.

  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Process Engineering
  • Operational Excellence
  • Transportation Diagnostic Evaluation
  • International services
  • Transactional Brokerage Services
  • Global Supply Chain Design and Execution: Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Freight Forwarding, Cross Border, Specialized Freight, Technology, Risk Management, Procurement etc.
  • Guardian
  • Transactional

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