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TEU Global

About TEU Global

TEU Global has over 30 years in logistics operations, we are a globally operational 3PL company, with a highly reliable global agent network. From freight forwarding and customs clearance to warehousing and USA based purchase order management, we provide hassle free, efficient cargo logistics services inside USA with extra personal care.

TEU Global is ISO Certified, carry CTPAT membership, together with US Customs paperless connectivity. We work with the most prominent international trade law firms in the US, which puts us at the forefront of today’s legal changes and how they affect our clients. We are recognized as one of the best managed firms by US customs officers.

TEU Global loves serving you way beyond your expectations. You will really feel our passion to keep finding better ways to serve you and keeping your clients contented.

TEU Global advantages

Speed & Efficiency – Your every consignment, no matter how big or small or differently shaped, gets a dedicated team from TEU Global that covers everything from taking over in your country to delivering the way/when/where you want inside USA.

Trained Staff – We keep training and retraining our professionals to sail through challenges, big or small, like it never happened.

Responsive Interaction With Clients – We communicate well with our clients, in the manner they feel most comfortable with

Our 24/7 Readiness – We take extra care to listen to our clients intently and serve them and our service providers not only during business hours but after hours even if it’s the weekend or a holiday.

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